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Outside point of view as a guarantee of success

There are becoming more cars on Russian roads and this means that demand for the services of independent experts increases. Unfortunately, even a new car may break, and for no apparent reason. And that the mechanism is out of order due to the fault of factory workers can only be proven by independent examination.

Car owners are often faced with unfair maintenance. Having paid a decent amount for the repair or replacement of parts, for many then it is impossible to pass even a couple of kilometers. Favorite "swallow" begins to act up again. In this case, you at least lose your money as well as the maximum risk you can get in an accident.

Constant traffic jams, poor condition of roads, huge flow of new and used cars, drivers amateurs - all these are causes of serious accidents. It is not surprising that today autotechnical examination more than ever in demand. You have to entrust it exclusively to professionals, otherwise you will:

- Receive a report compiled by gross violations;

- Incorrectly calculated amount of damage;

- Conclusion that is invalid from a legal point of view;

-Have to find another organization (wasting time and pay again).

If you experience such problems, please contact UTSEPS AT. Our experts have solid experience in this area are constantly being improved and are ready to provide expert assistance. For us there are no unsolvable problems.


This question is difficult to answer, especially when it comes to a traffic accident. Evidence of the victim and even the views of the witnesses are far from the leading role here. It is necessary to take into account all parameters, which help to get trace examination. Namely the study of traces on the car and on the scene can determine the cause and effect.

Examination of the accident is expensive, but the cost is almost always justified. Why?

Firstly, the documented results of the examination will be a weighty argument for insurance reimbursement. As you know, some insurance agents are sometimes abandon their obligations. You probably have heard a similar excuse: "These damage the car could hardly get in an accident." After looking at the conclusion of the independent experts, the insurance company will be obliged to pay you the amount owed.

Secondly, without it, sometimes it impossible to prove your innocence. Employees of traffic police rarely can inspect the cars of both parties. Owners of vehicles, that cause an accident, can live in other districts, cities, and even countries. In addition, it is always easier to define their mutual guilt in the accident. Accordingly, there would be no compensation and the stigma of "Guilty!". How to achieve an equitable solution? Only by means of an official document attesting that you did not cause harm to the other party.

Our experts possess sufficient knowledge to defend your rights and to make an objective trace examination.


It would seem that everything is simple: according to the law, if you suffered damage in a traffic accident, then you will not be without compensation. It should be payed by OSAGO from your insurance, in which the guilty party turned to. You will receive about 120 thousand Russian rubles. However, not always this amount covers the cost of repairs. To fix serious damage is unprofitable, so experts designated by agents often turn a blind eye to many things. As a result an assessment of damage in an accident is biased.

When assessing the damage the wear of parts to be replaced is taken into account. There is no common algorithm for calculation, so the expert can manipulate with various factors and, again, it will be for the good of the insurance company.

The loss of commercial value should also be taken into account – the reduction of cost after eliminating the consequences of a car accident. The prices of renovated and similar undamaged vehicle are compared. That's the difference that should be additionally paid by the guilty party.

Thus, to fully get what is owed to you, you need to apply to an independent examination. Our experts will make a report about the damage you got, prepare the necessary paperwork for the insurance company. If it refuses to pay the bills, you can feel free to submit a claim and count on our continued support. We will defend your rights in court. Even if the insurance company went bankrupt, the issue will be resolved in your favor, you will not be without an independent examination.


In no matter what tricks did insurance agents, but to is necessary to get the policy of CASCO or OSAGO. Without them you will have to completely repair the damaged car by yourself. That means yours and the car of the victim of the accident if it was your fault. Sometimes you can ”crash” in a huge amount of money, so it is better to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. Forensics rarely causes a rush of positive emotions. Simply find time to visit the agent, not forgetting to evaluate the market value of the vehicle the day before.

Valuation will also be needed if you: want to take a loan against the car; divide the property or enter into an inheritance; dispose of the vehicle; make the balance sheet of the company; provide paper in social welfare agencies, and in some other cases.


The answer is obvious - use the services of a mediator. The fact is that disputes with agents tend to go into a trial, which means: it is necessary to get the support of professionals. We are happy to help you, if the insurance company:

- Unreasonably delayed the payment of insurance indemnity to repair your car;

- Did not cover the cost of repairing the vehicle;

- Refused to make payments by OSAGO or CASCO.

Our lawyers will prepare a pre-trial claim, will submit a claim and will defend your interests in court. You should not doubt the positive outcome, because we have only qualified personnel, who are used to achieve better results and avoid errors. Our task is to destroy the bureaucratic barriers to prove the correctness of the customer and contribute to ensure that his rights are respected in all situations.



 The car was damaged after an accident, and you need to assess damage after an accident (damage assessment in the road accidents).

The insurance company, in which the perpetrator of the accident has OSAGO, offers compensation significantly less than the damage from an accident caused by a car after an accident.

You are responsible for an accident and think that the assessment of the damage of the car after the accident (damage assessment in the accident), held by the opposing side, substantially overstated and want to order a counter-assessment of cars after an accident.

The car was damaged in the natural disaster, fire, fall of snow, structures, actions of third parties, and you want to evaluate to determine the damage to the car.