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SAR - Russian Union of Auto Insurers

History - a success story

The Russian Union of Insurers, having an abbreviated and more used name PCA - a perfect example of the modern trade union, created on a voluntary basis, and later received from the State enormous competence. Along with the state organizations has unique powers and copes with its functions.

SAR - Russian Union of Auto Insurers

Определение и полное и сокращенное наименование
SAR - Russian Union of Auto Insurers - noncommercial (ie, having a purpose other than profit) organization, as well as the all-Russian trade union association of automobile insurers offering the execution of compulsory third party liability insurance of vehicle owners (CTP) (possession of a license to the CTP insurance also allows make insurance CASCO).

Activity and functional PCA

"From A to Z": From the interoperability to accreditation and monitoring

The main activity of the trade union is to ensure interoperability and joint cooperation of market participants automobile insurance (insurance companies), among themselves and with government authorities in Russia.

Including in the sphere of activity of the organization includes the following functions: representation and protection of interests of insurance companies in the implementation of their direct activities, the formation and the provision in the use of information resources in the field of motor insurance, protection in the courts the interests of insurance companies - members of the Union, information and organizational technical support of CTP insurance, consulting services, information services in the field of compulsory insurance, other services, coordination of joint efforts of the insurance market members, aimed at combating frauds, preventing and combating illegal activities in the field of compulsory insurance, the accreditation of security of participants (operators of maintenance and inspection points ), the implementation of information-analytical activities (determination of the auto insurance market development trends).

Historical information about the SAR

The need for the establishment of the SAR has led to the law "On Compulsory"

14 October 2002 - the date of creation of the PCA: Russian Union of Automobile Insurers was registered in the register, the unified state register of legal entities. The basis for the creation of insurance Union served as the Federal Law № 40-FZ of 25 April 2002 "On compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners".


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