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The PCA will replace the insurance policies

July 1, 2016 will be the issuance of insurance policies on the forms of the new sample. New forms of policies will have a high level of protection similar to the protection level of banknotes. The need to replace blank policies due to the fact that the market is flooded with high quality fakes, and their share is growing. As a result of suffering conscientious drivers.

Fake found most often only in the aftermath of the accident. And not always the owner of the fake knows that his policy is worthless piece of paper. Very rare forgery can be determined by eye. False policies, as a rule, these are no different. Moreover, some of them are real instruments, not legally binding. In the case of real numbers with the correct "registration" to a particular insurer does not help even a check through the system on the website of the PCA. Hypocrisy is revealed when excited paymaster case after a thorough check of the data of all parties of the accident.

Fake insurance policy is usually much cheaper than legitimate. That's why some drivers deliberately chosen illegal methods to solve this problem, and sold the so-called "left" insurance.

When you use a fake policy insurance car owners are deprived of insurance protection in the event of an accident, it yourself out of pocket have to pay damages caused to the vehicle of the victim, and compensation from the insurance company they do not receive. In addition, there is the risk of being held administratively or even criminally liable.

Therefore, the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) has decided to replace not secure insurance policies for new and presented a road map for their replacement.

Replacement forms will be simultaneous for all insurers. Existing policies will remain legitimate until the expiry of their actions.

The whole procedure of production and distribution of new forms CTP will be funded by the insurers and will not affect the policyholders. The rise in the cost of policies is not provided.


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    On January 12, 2004 AT UTSEPS was accredited to conduct work under certification of products and services in accordance with the area of accreditation. …

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