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compulsory motor third party insurance system since the beginning of its operation in the country raises a number of questions from car owners.

The contract CTP: why is it needed?

CTP Contract is an agreement between the customer and the insurance company, under which, in certain circumstances, the latter shall pay out funds in a certain amount a person injured in an accident. Thus, directly actuated person (owner of the car or its driver) is not required to make payments on the fact of causing material damage. Instead, the responsibility to repay the damage takes its insurance company.

What threatens the absence of an insurance contract?

In the case of participation in a car accident, which is not a contract for the CTP, its owner will be punished by a fine. During the inspection of documents in the management and ownership of a particular driver of the vehicle, he is obliged to submit, along with the rights and other documents, insurance policy CTP contract. In its absence, the legislation provided for the imposition of a fine on the perpetrator. Moreover, in the event of an accident, it is guilty of a natural person is obliged to pay their own material damage to the injured party.

Presentation of MTPL contract necessarily also in the case of a vehicle re-registration.

Do I have to renew every year the insurance contract?

Standard validity period of MTPL contract is 1 calendar year. The legislation also provides for the automatic update of the insured property data object. Thus, to extend the CTP can be no renewal of the annual contract. The fact of extension will be marked after the issuance of the new policy. The size of the annual fee for the coming period is determined by the approved tariffs for services of this type of insurance and paid in hard cash. Also take into account the number of payments made by the client during the past year.

Where can I get more advice about the conditions for compulsory motor TPL insurance contract?

Many different companies offering MTPL insurance contract services. One of them is the company ZAO "MAKS", proven in the market of services only on the positive side. On osago.uceps.ru our site everyone will find information on available services and conditions of contracting. In addition, all available advice of competent representatives of the company that can answer questions and help you find the best option to solve them. To do this, call +7 343 286-43-99 or contact: Ekaterinburg, ul. Krupnosortschikov, 14, office. 314.

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