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If you are a happy owner of the car, so you on your own experience each of us can stay at home or of the right insurance policy for the car. Some drivers in such cases is said to have carried, and the others got the opportunity to talk with inspectors of traffic police. Those drivers who know the law, can avoid divorce for money. While the rest have to pay, so the car is not sent to the pound. Legitimate does this measure? And what actually threatens the drivers, left license at home?

Today comes a situation when the car of an inspector is sent to the penalty area only for the fact that its owner was not with him the documents. But from mid-July 2015, the law on which the driver, which in itself has no rights, can drive a car without fear of serious punishment. Well, of course – to the first post of DPS. If the employee of traffic police stops of such a negligent driver, he will be given a warning or imposed a fine of 500 rubles. But to evacuate the car inspector has no right. But there are situations that involve such evacuation.

The pulled away the car would definitely in that case, if the driver does not have registration documents for the vehicle. And here arises a controversial situation. As a rule, the majority of drivers stores driver's license, insurance and car papers in one place. So, there is a possibility that the house forgetting the law, he will forget and the car documents. So, recovering the vehicle can not be avoided. Is there a way out in this situation? Banal, but there is. You must make photocopies of documents on the car and store them in the glove compartment. It's certainly not much difference, but the car will remain in private use, and DPS officers will make sure the automobile belongs to you.

If you look at this situation from a different angle, then the identity of the driver and the owner of the machine, can be set in place, just enter the details of the driver in the traffic police database. But until that legislation is not perfect. Therefore, every car owner as "our father..." should know in what cases he may be deprived of the car for a while. For example, if the machine has faulty brakes, faulty steering, if the driver refuses a medical examination, if the driver does not, and never has been right, and if he was parked in illegal place.

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